About Us

Hyperbrainstudios is a unique lifestyle apparel store with popular T-shirts & Watches, Tools, Prints and many Funny Stuffs that you will fall in love with. Ordering with us is not buying a product but a spicing up your lifestyle to get you feel awesome like you deserve! Hopefully, you will want to jump through the roof once you try some of our stuff, but please don’t! It’s dangerous and we don’t want to lose you :)

Silliness aside… we love creating passionate designs! And constantly looking for new ways to bring you the most impactful shopping experience. It makes us feel we are a part of something great! Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a great piece of jewelry or cool shirt? And love that moment when you open the package and get super excited. That’s why we bring you new exciting items every week!

You got some ideas ready to share? We cant wait to hear from you.